CAPES Client Breakfasts a great success!

The CAPES Client Breakfasts unpacking the Con Court decision on TES, held in August 2018 were a great success with close to 1400 attendees across the sessions held in Joburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London.

CAPES COO, Jonathan Goldberg shared his knowledge and experience, unpacking the Con Court judgement and its impact on the utilisation of TES. Providing a clearer understanding of the legal interpretation and the practical impact for the management of those TES workers affected, Johnny answered the burning questions of whether there is still value in using TES providers.  In a nutshell, as CAPES and many leading labour law experts concur, there is no transfer of employment after 3 months and the triangular relationship continues, with the TES legally empowered to offer the workforce management and expertise they have traditionally provided.

Attendees received great advice and the assurance that they can maintain their flexibility, an essential requirement for most businesses trying to compete in the global marketplace.

If you missed the sessions and would like more advice, please contact