Employment Services Act Regulations Gazetted for Public Comment

Compliments of the new year. We wish you a successful 2019.

As has been the case previously, the Department of Labour published four Government Gazettes (linked to the Employment Services Act) over the festive period with varying commentary periods, as outlined below:


Registration of PrEAs & TES                                                      60 days           (i.e. 28 February 2019)

Employment of Foreign Nationals                                         30 days           (i.e. 28 January 2019)

Registration of Public Employment Agencies                  60 days           (i.e. 28 February 2019)

Registration of Work seekers                                                   30 days           (i.e. 28 January 2019)

We include links to the gazettes for your reference but would like to confirm that CAPES is currently reviewing these with the intention of generating an Industry Comment for submission to Department of Labour within the 30-day period (i.e. by 28 January 2019) for all four regulations.

CAPES will circulate this Industry Commentary for your input within the next two weeks and once finalised, will provide all members with a copy for their onward submission to Department of Labour. It is important that all members – and associations – make this submission as comments are counted individually, not necessarily as an industry collective.

We are also liaising with BUSA and the BBC, and other associations, who will also make submissions on behalf of the broader business community.

Department of Labour is also planning provincial roadshows during which time the public will be invited to ask questions and make comments on the regulations. We do not yet have the final dates but expect that these will take place in the later part of January. CAPES will be attending all of these sessions and encourages members to do the same. We will provide confirmation of dates and venues and other logistics as soon as these have been provided by our colleagues at the Department of Labour.

We will continue to keep you informed of progress in this regard.