ETI Amendments Update

1. Members will be aware that the Employment Tax Incentive expired in 2016 and that negotiations took place at NEDLAC around possible changes to the scheme in the new period. CAPES, through its membership of both BUSA and BBC, was instrumental in driving these discussions, in particular, ensuring that calls from organised labour to specifically exclude “labour brokers” from accessing the scheme and proposed caps on claims made by Treasury, were addressed.

2. The President signed the extension of the ETI as part of a suite of amendments last week. The Employment Tax Incentive remains unchanged and valid for a further two years, i.e. until end 2018.

3. Thank you to the CAPES team who worked tirelessly to ensure that the ETI scheme, which is widely used within the TES sector. Yet another example of the benefit you receive as a member of CAPES and its Associations.

Confederation of Associations in the Private Employment Sect