Maximising the Opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Work has changed and continues to change daily in response to the drivers of the 4th Industrial revolution including job redundancy, skills revolutions and the shift to non-standard forms of employment. Labour legislation needs to adapt, balancing non-standard employees (NSE), the operational requirements of a globally competitive marketplace and protection of vulnerable workers.

Private Employment Agencies, including Temporary Employment Services, are responsive to the changes in the marketplace and are in fact enablers – providing solutions, not only to the organisations that require flexibility but to the individual employees and new entrants, who need to navigate multi-contracts and regular market transitions.

Contrary to popular perception, TES has not caused casualisation, but rather provides an opportunity to manage the changes, providing solutions for all stakeholders. In response to the changing marketplace and the need to balance flexibility and protection of workers, the World Economic Confederation has prepared a global manifesto, No Future of Work without Social Innovation, to which CAPES is a signatory.


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