TES in the Healthcare Industry

South Africa currently has a two-tiered healthcare system, comprising of the public and private sector. Both of these sectors play a huge role in the healthcare industry, employing thousands of healthcare employees.

Temporary Employment Services (TES) are vital to the healthcare industry. Hospitals and clinics are always functioning, while other industries may use the holiday season for some time out, healthcare remains operational. Ensuring that only qualified people practice in this industry is literally a matter of life and death.

Qualified workers

Sourcing qualified staff is one of the most important aspects of a smooth functioning health facility. Often, this is done through healthcare agencies. When employing the services of a healthcare agency, it is vital to ensure that it is legal and equipped to recruit the right personnel. The Allied Healthcare Association South Africa (AHASA) ensures every healthcare agency registered with them conducts their business professionally and ethically ensuring excellent service to various health facility in both sectors. This ensures workers are skilled and qualified for the specific healthcare role.

We strive to be an Association representing member agencies who consistently maintain high ethical and professional standards – AHASA

One of the biggest advantages of contracting staff through a Temporary Employment Services Agency is that the agency takes care of all recruitment and HR processes. This means the provided employee would be sourced, interviewed and paid by the agency, this means less admin work for the healthcare facility.

Working Conditions

AHASA ensures that all healthcare professionals employed under the healthcare and nursing agencies work in a safe and fair environment where their employment equity rights are upheld and respected.

Various professionals who have been employed through an AHASA registered agency report absolute excellence and professionalism from these agencies. Ensuring employee rights are upheld is as crucial as ensuring the correct skills criteria are met.

For temporary work, it is often easier to find work in the healthcare industry by registering with a TES Agency. Qualified and registered individuals are notified of work opportunities within the industry immediately when they become available.

Click HERE for a list of legal agencies in the healthcare industry.

Similar to any non-compliant business, fly-by-night Temporary Employment Services Agencies do more harm to the industry than good.